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VFD Panels

Packaged VFD Panels

These packaged VFD panels are available in various voltages from fractional horsepower to 2000HP and drive lineups with single phase or three phase input power supply. These panels are designed and fabricated as per your custom application. We have built lots of different type of panels using VFD’s where single variable frequency drive controls multiple motors or multiple variable frequency drives control single motor. We assure that your panel is designed with all the proper protection devices and thermal management system  

Options Availble

Input Lockable Disconnect/Breaker, Input or  Output Reactor/DvDt/Matrix filter, HOA, Enclosure floor mounted stand,  Inner door for controls, Solid or see through hinged window, Utility receptacle, 2 or 3 Contactor bypass, Multiple motor control, Potentiometer, Single Phase Input to 3 phase output option for any horsepower, Remote control station available for hazardous and non hazardous area, Custom controls, Pump Jack Controller Pump Panel Breaking Resistor, Drive can we supplied by us or free issued by customer. Generally we deal with various drive manufacturers.