Hydraulic Dual Powered Unit

Hydraulic Dual Powered Unit

The picture shows a engine powered hydraulic power unit which is capable of operating high power hydraulic winches to lift or drop the heavy item in tailing pond from a barge. This unit is also cable of just lowering the winches by 5 HP electric motor in case engine was not running. We designed all the electrical circuit for this unit, built the panels inhouse and wired the unit at our client’s facility. The unit incorporate a 208V 3 phase main control panel and 12VDC engine auxiliary panel. The main panel supplied the power to hydraulic pump motor, hydraulic tank heaters, winch blanket heaters, engine block heater, battery charger and thermosiphon coolant preheating and circulating system. Each blanket heater has a Off/On and heating light indicator on the panel door. All the heating light indicators are powered from the current sensing relays to display actually current draw or blanket heater on situation. The 12VDC panel provided the interlocks to the engine start from the tank hydraulic oil temperature and level switches, powered up the radiator fans and solenoids.

For ease of onsite wiring by customer we fitted two junction boxes at the back of the unit. First JB for the main incoming feed connection and second JB for connection for all the winch heater blankets which are around the parameters of the barge.

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