Factors to consider while selecting a Control Panel Design

A control panel is an amazing invention, not just it regulates the voltage, it gives you a chance to monitor, plan, and save money as per your consumption. However, there are certain rules need to follow to keep your control panel clean and healthy. The first thing that jump-starts every expert’s mind is to keep it clean, probably the best way to keep your equipment in shape. However, a decent underpinning comes with the right panel design, it’s the chief aspect you need to consider during the installation-



The layout should be simple and easy to use, everything should be in its right place following a systematic order. Logically, the main power switch for the incoming power is placed on the upper right section of the panel. So, as per the hierarchy, the highest voltage rating should come on the top followed by the lowest. It should be mapped from top to bottom with left to right placement.


Labelling is the extension of your layout design. It enhances the usability by keeping everything visible. The labels should be on every wire and other panel components. However, you need to be smart and avoid putting random labels everywhere. For example, the wire connecting to the PLC should be named PLC I/O where ‘I’ stands for input and ‘O’ stands for output. The same drills need to be followed for terminals, breakers, power supplies and more.

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Another thing which makes up a great custom control panel is a spacious wire way. You don’t need ample of space just enough to wire both the internal panel wiring and input/output wires to be re-routed for to the respective terminals.

Panel size-

Your panel sizing should be accurate. A too small panel will jam pack the wire way while a bigger one will just add extra room for dust to settle. Well, that’s not it, you need to plan and consider future additions to your panel and then buy accordingly. The extra horizontal room will carter for the additions while an expanded vertical panel will harbour wires neatly.

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