A Guide on Fundamentals of Electric Motor Starters

Electric motor starters and controllers play a crucial role in many electrical control systems. To assist you in grasping the essentials of motor starters better, we’ve put together this piece.

What is Electric Motor Starter?

To properly start and stop a motor, an electrical component is needed, i.e. starting motor. An electric motor starter acts as a relay, switching the electricity on and off. A starter, unlike a relay, offers overcurrent and low voltage safety. There are four primary purposes of a motor starter:

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Overview and Benefits of Power Distribution Control System

Many intelligent field devices are available today, and protocols such as Profibus, Profinet, and Modbus make even the most complicated industrial processes easy to manage. Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or Power distribution control systems increase efficiency, quality, and dependability in the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Power Distribution Control System

  • Face Up to a Complicated Framework

PLC is used to control industrial processes in a fast-paced environment. However, PLC cannot handle more complex structures because of device limitations.

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Power Distribution Center: What Is Important To Consider?

A power distribution center plays a main role in determining how efficiently a data center works. Choosing the right PDU will go a long way in maintaining the seamless operation of your data center and improving its productivity in the long run.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Power Distribution Center

The efficiency of a data center depends on many factors. Power distribution center is one of these. A power distribution unit or PDU is used to transform the raw power input from the grid. The power is then routed to lower capacity outlets used by different devices in a server rack. 

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Relay Protection Control: Different Types of Protective Relays

Protective relays are instrumental in monitoring and detecting problems in an electrical circuit. Based on their design, dimensions and local operating range, relays can be classified into different types for use in different areas.

Understanding Protective Relays and their Types

A relay protection control device plays an important role in monitoring and detecting problems in the current, voltage and power flow in an electrical circuit. In the event of a fault, the device triggers the circuit breaker to detect and isolate the bad circuit from the rest of the power system. In doing so, protective relays help isolate/remove bad/abnormal and/or short-circuiting elements from the power system.

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What Are The Different Ways to String Solar Panels?

Solar panels are becoming a common feature in many buildings. People are gradually turning to renewable energy resources, and solar panels are a cost-effective solution. This increased the demand for solar combiner boxes and installation services. 

While the process is simple enough, it is important to determine the right method to string the solar panels and join them to the solar combiner box. The decision depends on the voltage and current you want to generate and supply to the control panel.

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What Is A Post-Fire Smoke Purge System And Why You Should Install It In The Premises?

A fire accident in a building not only leads to burning but also releases smoke and gases like carbon monoxide. Even if the fire system manages to control the fire, the smoke and gases need to be tackled before they make people unconscious and cause deaths due to suffocation.

A post-fire smoke purge system is a control unit that helps in extracting smoke from the building as soon as possible. It is activated to clear the remains of smoke and carbon monoxide and replace them with fresh air. Special purged panels are built to control the post-fire smoke clearing devices like exhaust fans.

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Solar Panel Wiring Basics: An Intro to How to String Solar Panels

How to String Solar Panels: Wiring Basics to Learn 

Stringing is the process of wiring the solar panels together and connecting them to the inverter. It’s important to get the configuration right to prevent the inverter from getting damaged due to high voltage or underproduction due to less voltage. 

Many people ask about solar stringing is the number of panels they can string together as a single input into the inverter. The solar strings are combined as a unit in the Solar combiner box connected to the inverter. 

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Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems: When Are They Required?

When to Use Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems 

A post-fire purge system is a ventilation system that removes smoke from indoors after the fire has been extinguished. It doesn’t control fire but quickly gets rid of the smoke- many people do not realise that the smoke is as dangerous as the fire. The carbon monoxide found in smoke can lead to death if it’s not cleared immediately. Moreover, intense smoke can obstruct vision and cause breathing issues. 

The post-fire smoke purge system is used in residential buildings and other structures where it is not naturally possible to disperse the smoke effectively from a fire accident. You can get the system installed by the same company that supplies the purged panels for electric boards and the fire alarm system. 

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing an Industrial Control Panel

A control panel is where the equipment is fitted to automate the industrial processes. Though pre-built control panels are available, most industries opt for custom panels. Custom control panel are more efficient and allow a smooth flow of operations. This reduces the risk of human error and increases safety for workers.

However, it is crucial not to make basic mistakes when customizing the industrial control panel for your factories.


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Tips to Update your Motor Starter

The control panel is the core of a motor starter. That’s where all the magic happens. A motor starter is responsible for allowing the engine in the motor to perform its operations. However, the starter can cause trouble at times. There could be several reasons for this.

While some are easy to fix, you may have to change the motor starters or the control panel to make the motor function again. Wrong wiring and power overload can damage the control panel and the motor starter. Choosing a high-quality control panel will save you from facing such issues in the long term.

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Tips On Purging Your Panels

Cleaning industrial purged panels is an important part of making sure that industrial equipment is kept in working condition. Dirt and dust can get inside of the control panels of industrial equipment and cause it to malfunction. This does not only cost money by wasting energy but also can endanger the lives of others by making industrial equipment less safe. Here are a few tips for purging your panels and maintaining them.

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Useful Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Starter Motor

A starter (also known as a starter motor, cranking motor, or self-starter) allows an engine to initiate an operation on its own by sending an electrical push of current to the motor. All these things happen in the background without our knowledge when we start a car with a key. If you want to use the starter motor for a long time, then it is very important to ensure proper care and maintenance. Here are a few useful tips to extend the lifespan of a motor starters.

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