Cables and Connectors

Cables and Connectors

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We can supply pre-assembled cables and connectors as per application so your field installation becomes lot easier, faster and trouble free. Generally these connectors are screw termination, solder connection, insulation displacement or crimp style for power, control and shielded cables. We also supply a variety of pre-fitted cable glands for cable entries, which includes glands for armored, non-armored and one assembly for assorted size cables.  All of these glands also can be rated for div 1 or 2 if these have to be installed in hazardous area.

Cables and connectors is a vast world in entirety and primarily responsible for proper functioning of today’s technological world. It may go without saying cables are inevitable necessity in the modern electrified and signal based world, though wireless technology is emerging but its ends are wired. A lot of knowledge/ experience of cables and connectors is required for a properly engineered cabled system. As many diverse applications out there, so many different cable and connectors are there in the market. Each application need for cable and connectors are unique. Electrically, In minimum we can categorize the cables into power cables and signal cables. Based on the applications, individual cables vary by size of the conductor, insulation type, armour type, signal protection need, communication need, thermal need, structural strength need, weight need, wire laying out door/ indoor/ buried need. On the termination need, various accessories/ connector are required to properly group the wires and terminate them. Here the type of connectors, once again, vary depending on the application need such as strength, secure connection, error free connection, water proof, arc proof, explosion proof, high power, and extreme conditions.

There are many wire sizing methods and standards followed around the world. Wire Gauge (AWG) and European standards follow millimeter square cross section area. This information is available on the internet. Cable selections become complicated when more parameters need to considered other than the conductor size. Following are some of the cables based on application need.

  • Oil Resistant Flexible control cable
  • Flexible tray cable
  • Continuous flex control cable
  • Torsional Robotic cable
  • High temperature flexible control cable
  • Flexible cable for Drives, Motors and assemblies
  • Continuous flex data cables
  • Bus cables and industrial Ethernet cables
  • Flexible electronic
  • Harmonized hookup wire, cable and cordage
  • Pendant and reel cable
  • Single core / Hook up wire

On the connectors and accessories there Electrical/ Electronic/ Communication/ Pneumatic/ Hydraulic / Mechanical linkage connectors.  Here we focus only electrical, electronic and communication connectors


  • Strain relief cord connectors
  • NEMA 4 / IP 65 types
  • Triangular, Rectangular, circular and unique geometric shaped connectors
  • Partial power / signal connectors
  • Receptacles, plugs and Single way insert connectors
  • Industrial heavy duty types

 Electronic/ Communication

  • DIN Metal pin & socket connectors (Ex: RS 232/ 485/ bus connector)
  • USB port connector (Universal serial Bus USB -C)
  • RJ 12/ RJ45 (telephone, Ethernet)
  • PCB Power/ Signal connectors (Reliamet/ Molex Etc)