NEMA Ratings For Electrical Enclosures That You Need To Know

The acronym “NEMA” stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which is the largest electrical manufacturer association in the United States of America. NEMA has so far published more than 700 standards, technical papers, application guides and white papers as well. NEMA issues guidelines and standards that define which electrical enclosures suit a given environment. Apart from electrical enclosures, NEMA has also issued standards for magnet wires, AC plugs, motors among other electrical components and equipment and is a credible and reputed organisation.


The Functionality And Benefits Of PLC Control System And Panel

As you might be aware, PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers are the rugged computers that are used for industrial automation. The PLC system can be the most important part of your job flow and the brain of the installation. PLC control panels provide for more effective and intuitive control of PLC and allied works, equipment and instruments through an easy control system where all the individual systems and process controls have been properly connected to the outputs and inputs.


Factors to consider while selecting a Control Panel Design

A control panel is an amazing invention, not just it regulates the voltage, it gives you a chance to monitor, plan, and save money as per your consumption. However, there are certain rules need to follow to keep your control panel clean and healthy. The first thing that jump-starts every expert’s mind is to keep it clean, probably the best way to keep your equipment in shape. However, a decent underpinning comes with the right panel design, it’s the chief aspect you need to consider during the installation-


How to Choose Different types of Right Motor Starter

The motor market is blessed with variety, you get a plethora of different motor types and sizes. All share the same drill but are meant for different purposes, depending upon the size and capability. Alongside the motor one thing which comes in direct relation is the motor starter, you need to pick the right motor starter to create a cohesive unite and complete the set.


Best ways to get the best out of your industrial control panels

No matter how new or used your equipment is, if you don’ take the right maintenance, any equipment can die the slow death with unscheduled downtime, and if the expensive components of the system are affected, your machine is going to be dead. So, if you follow these tried and tested guidelines, you can definitely get the best out of your industrial motor control panels. So scroll down and check out:


The Importance of NEMA Rating and Its Benefits

NEMA or National Electrical Manufacturers Association was founded in the year 1926. The organization has given the standards and guidelines which govern the design and specifications of the electrical enclosures that have industrial uses and applications. The different types of electrical enclosures are rated on the basis of access to the hazardous parts, environmental conditions, and other aspects. For instance, an electrical enclosure and its rating may provide to you a clue about the protection it may offer against oil, water, coolant, corrosive materials (including gasoline) and other hazards.


How Soft starters Regulate Current in Induction Motors

When an induction motor is connected to a power supply, it draws a high speed magnetizing current irrespective of the load level.  The induction motor has less power factor compared to its rated power factor. This is because, as the load declines, the torque producing current decreases. As the changes take place, the magnetizing current remains the same. The power factor is lower in cases where the load is lighter. Most motors control panels have a higher load demand which goes beyond the maximum load demand. Unfortunately, the motors do not reach their rated power factor even when they have maximum load demand.


Benefits of Buying Hazardous Location Panels and Power Distribution Panels

Hazardous location panels and power distribution panels are installed at various locations and for the safety of various applications. Power distribution panels are rated for 2000 A current and 45 KA short circuit current rating that have 1600 A non focused disconnect for incoming power and 3 compartments of 600A fused disconnects for supplying the variable frequency drives. These panels play a pivotal role in power distribution at constant voltage level and to keep better control over it. These panels mostly distribute and switch power and counted as very crucial part of a power network for any equipment, building or facility.

Instrumentation Control Panels and Hazardous Location Panels and Their Uses

Instrumentation control panels are installed for housing controllers, instruments, displays chart recorders, gauges, control operators and enclosure heaters. They are interconnected via electrical or process tubing as per the type of instrument or the type of the measurement – done by these instruments. These instrument panels are the combination of pneumatic and electric controls that houses pneumatic gauges, shut off valves, emergency stop operators and annunciation lights. These control panels are the basic requirement of different industries where safety of important devices and machineries is main concern. Depending on your requirement, you can get them with installation facilities directly from manufacturers.

Like instrumentation control panels, hazardous location panels are designed and built to function in environments where focus of flammable gases, liquids, vapors and combustible particles cause risks of explosion and flare-up. They work effectively to those areas where hazardous conditions exist. They withstand a number of different environmental variables and at the same time as remaining effective in terms of performance, reliability and durability. (more…)

Solution Control Systems Offers a New Range of Motor Starters and Soft Starter Panels

People often found searching for the updated version of motor starters and soft starter panels from major brands to ensure better performance of motors installed in different machineries. People search for such devices that should be easy to maintain and use; while they can ensure long life of any machinery without compromising with performance.


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