Motor Control Panel

Motor Control Panels

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Motor Starter Panels

A contactor, an overload relay, and other control devices are typically found in an electrical panel that is referred to as a motor starter panel. A device that includes protection relay and contactor as integral component can be utilised in place of separate devices such as overloads and contactors to act as a motor starter. The primary function of this device is to control electric motors, performing tasks such as starting, stopping, monitoring, and protecting them. Motor starters are devices that are capable of supply inrush current safely, full load current, or no-load current to the motor. If an overload condition occurs, a contact change it’s state in overload relay and cuts off the control power to the contactor which eventually cuts off the power to the motor and shuts it off.

Components of Motor Starter Panels

The typical components consist of a control circuit, a contactor, and an overload relay. Contactors connect and disconnect power to the motor in response to signals from control operators, and overload relays protect the motor from damage that could be caused by excessive current or overheating. In both commercial and industrial settings, the use of motor starter panels is extremely common. Every location that contains a motor also requires a motor starter to maintain the motor’s ability to run smoothly and without incident.

Variable Frequency Drive(VDF) Panel

A variable frequency drive that is contained within an electrical panel with accessories is known as a motor speed control panel, AC drive panel, or inverter panel. An electronic device known as a variable frequency drive, or VFD, is capable of controlling speed and torque of an electric motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage within the controller that are supplied to the motor. Because of this, it is possible to save energy, improve the level of control over processes, and reduce the amount of mechanical stress experienced by the motor and any connected equipment. On a VFD panel, in addition to the VFD itself, you will find safety disconnect or breakers, control power transformer for control power, fans and filters for heat dissipation, control connect wiring terminal strip, and many more accessories as per application and design. Due to type of VFD drive or application you will find harmonic filters in the panel to mitigate line harmonics, protect motor and drive.

Soft Starter Panel

An electrical control panel known as a soft starter panel is responsible for accelerating and starting electric motors. This panel also manages other electrical system functions. It will accomplish this by dampening the inrush current and the associated mechanical stress, which will allow the motor to start up with less of a load on it. Soft starters enable a gradual and controlled increase in the voltage that is supplied to the motor. They are particularly useful for jobs that require starting enormous motors, such as those involving pumps, fans, and compressors. The standard components that make up a soft starter panel are the soft starter unit, the safeguards, and the control interfaces.


In conclusion, VFD panels allow for variable speed control and energy savings, soft starter panels allow for controlled acceleration and reduced stress during motor startup, and motor starter panels are used to start and protect electric motors. VFD panels also allow for energy savings. The requirements of the application of the motor, as well as the controls, will determine which panel is the best.


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