Guide to Perilous Zones for Electrical Enclosure Installation

Unlike PLC panels, every other electrical enclosure needs to ensure innate safety while installation. Three elements ignite the explosion in a perilous zone: Fuel, Oxidizer, and Energy. These are generally found in the industrial areas and buildings due to its heavy use during production procedures.


Perilous Zones

The hazardous areas are prone to combustion due to inflammable gases, dust, and vapors present in the environment.These can easily catch ignition by an open flare or matchbox that is fatal and trigger substantial destruction to property and material. They are more frequently to take place in the following places:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Aircraft hanger
  • Paint Stores
  • Processing Plants
  • Mills
  • Tanks
  • Cleaning facilities
  • Heaping facilities for combustible gases, liquids, and solids

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Categorization of Zones

Every hazardous area having plc automation and enclosures is sub-categorized into zones and divisions, which we study further.

Zones Exposed to Inflammable Fumes:

  • Zone 0- This zone having pipelines and tanks is prone to excessive and continuous exposure to volatile gas and vapor in the environment.
  • Zone 1- This zone falls in discharging and loading facilities having sporadic explosions at irregular intervals fuming the atmosphere.
  • Zone 2-Storage Spaces around the tanks and pipes fall under this zone. These are susceptible to less dangerous due to negligible explosions.

Zones Exposed to Lgnitable dust:

  • Zone 20-In such zones, one can experience continuous explosions at frequent intervals that mix in the air making it combustible.
  • Zone 21- This zone has combustible dust in the air which leads to intermittent explosions.

Zones Exposed to Combustible Fibres:

Combustible fibers are one of those substances that might not be found in the air mixture but can cause substantial damage. These can be enumerated as Cotton fluff, flax, or rayon that forms a cloud near or throughout the facility causing a flash spark. These zone out near textile industries and mills.

We have often seen breathtaking explosions on the big screen and awed the experience while watching it, but these do take place in reality causing harm to PLC panels throttling and worsening PLC automation and enclosures. Hence, it is important to understand the concept behind every kind of combustion and the zone where you are laying your facility.

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