Multiple Benefits Of Custom Control Panels

The custom control panels are built according to the operational environment, settings and the aspirations of the client. They are made to order and purpose-built solutions that are individually engineered. They may also be a solution to complex control channel requirement in cases where two installations cannot be exactly alike. The panels may have varying complexity and include the push button and single-hole stations, as well as the large multibay control cabinets, panels, and enclosures.

Benefits of Consist Custom Control Panel

The custom control panels offer you all the benefits of an industrial control panel and more! They are the heart of your operations and ensure that all the tasks run in a safe manner while conserving electricity. Some of the features that a modern custom control panel may include are:

  • Motion controls
  • Temperature control
  • Central control
  • Process controls
  • Recipe controls
  • Data logging

The panels use the HMI (or Human Machine Interface technology) can store the specific settings, and enhance productivity while making the controls simpler. Custom panels also offer greater accuracy and have the safest of construction. Some of the benefits provided by the new panels are:

  • Are less prone to accidents and errors
  • Safety and reliability
  • Increased uptime
  • Easy modifications
  • Easy troubleshooting that can be done at any time
  • Resource Planning and optimized usage of resources
  • Least consumption of electricity because of better control of all the motors and equipment

A custom panel may reduce the need for multiple control panels as well. For instance, it can incorporate the functions of the VFD control panel, AC/DC drive control panel, starter control panel, and the access control panel. Therefore they prove to be a highly cost-effective purchase. A custom panel may return all of the investment made in it in a year and after that period it is all savings for the company. Companies also redesigned their workflows and processes and the integration of a new panel name boost productivity and efficiency.

Talk to the leading suppliers to know the best options available to you. A custom control panels improve the production and manufacturing aspects and make a business more sustainable in the long run.