The Importance of Properly Labelling Your Electrical Control Panels

Electrical panels can be said to be the brain of the electrical system of your business, industrial, or residential establishment or place. It consists of the vital and important fuses and circuit breakers that decide how much power would be reaching to the particular areas and machines of the place, and provides for precise control of power distribution. When the different circuit controls are properly labelled, controlling the specific electrical distribution specifically becomes convenient. Hence it is important to know which circuit relates to which equipment or area.

Ensuring Safety

Labelling of the electrical control panels, switches, and their handling areas is an easy way to know which circuit relates to which industrial equipment or area. Many of the electrical equipment and system may suffer from a fault and when this happens you would like to know exactly which fuse breaker of the electrical panel handles the HVAC or the heavy equipment in question. You can avert many of the safety-related problems by tripping the requisite breaker or fuse in time.

Abiding By The Regulations

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and norms, it is mandatory for you to handle the electrical panels and systems in the right way. One common violation of the OSHA is the improper handling of the electrical systems. There are also fines involved, but you never have to pay them if you have labelled the electrical panel carefully, and also follow other precautions.

Preparing Yourself For The Emergency Situations

Incidents that involve electrical enclosures and systems and the outages can threaten the workers and employees, and a swift and fast response is required to prevent injury/accident or to lower and contain the extent of the damage. Your electrical panel maybe having the different transfer switches but you should know which one handles switch of the areas and equipment, to respond fast and precisely in an emergency situation. Therefore proper labelling of the electrical panel, switches, fuses and breakers decreases your response time in case of emergency.

Easy Service And Maintenance

All kinds of industrial machinery and equipment need to be regularly maintained and inspected. From the smaller welding machines to the largest of equipment like HVAC, routine inspection and maintenance of the equipment is also important for their optimal working and prevent their accidental breakdown. Unplugging of the system may not be the best option and they have to be switched off from the main electrical panel.

Proper labelling ensures that you can find out the right fuse and breakers easily and switch them off when the machines and equipment need to be maintained or serviced. When labelling has not been done, more time gets wasted, which negatively impact productivity. This can be avoided easily and you can ensure low downtimes and better productivity of your operations by labelling electrical panel beforehand.

The best suppliers today offer you world-class electrical panels from the leading brands of the world. The solutions can also be customised to suit any particular operation and process environment.