Why To Prefer A Custom Control Panel

When it comes to the supply of electricity for your entire shop floor and each of the machines, the control panel can be said to be the heart of operations. Some control panels can have a general or poor design, which will not suit your unique operational requirements.

These panels may have drawbacks in the form of interruption of the operations, and may also be a cause of safety concerns. Custom control panels, on the other hand, are a single-source solution and can also be built as a complex control solution wherever required. These panels are made-to-order by a control panel manufacturer with dedicated resources, expertise, and technology. They are effective at addressing the unique concerns, needs, requirements as well as the aspirations of a given workflow or operational scenario and setup. The panels are found to be even more useful in instances when multiple operations are being run or where the operational conditions contain hazardous threats.

Apart from the other add-ons and additions that are included as per the client wishes, a custom control panel may typically offer you features including:

  • Motion control
  • Temperature control
  • Center control
  • Process control
  • Recipe control
  • Data logging

Why You Should Prefer A Custom Control Panel

The custom control panels are consolidated and sophisticated automation solutions, which incorporate the different components in a secure way and possess an advanced configuration. With these panels, you are free to choose all the components including load protection, circuit protection, relays drivers, and the NEMA rated enclosures and others. You get an endless number of combinations and options for the components that can be placed in a custom control panel.

You can easily choose the VFD control panel, pump control panel, lighting panel HVAC panel or any other kind of custom option that may have one or many components for controlling the different kinds of electrical systems and machinery in your establishment, facility and premises. You can thoroughly assess your operational conditions and contact a leading supplier and control panel manufacturer for a custom-built panel where you need not make any compromises. These panels are manufactured specifically for your applications and also include the NEMA enclosure with the right rating.

Your custom-built control panel maybe just a phone call away from you. The latest ones also come with the HMI or Human-Machine Interface technology for automated and accurate control. The customized and made-to-order panels offer benefits including reliability, speed and efficient control. They also provide you enhanced convenience and comfort for controlling your operations without errors.