PLC PUMP Control Panel

PLC PUMP Control Panel

There are lots of different types of pumps which exist that are used to handle different type of fluids and liquids. There is always a prime mover required to turn the pump in order to put it to work. Two most commonly pump movers are electrical motors and engines. For stationary applications, majority of the times electric motors are used as prime movers. Electric motors are used for even for some of the portable type. The power is available with generators or nearby utility power.

If there is an electric motor driving the pump, the next critical component required is the pump controller or starter. This controller can be as simple as a power switch (for small single-phase pumps) or across the line starter or a soft starter or a sophisticated variable frequency controller with PLC which can contain complex programming. There are multiple auxiliary devices required to control the pump or the controller, so it makes a perfect sense to provide a complete control panel which houses a safety disconnect, overcurrent protection, motor controller, control power transformer, power supply, programmable logic controller, operator buttons, pilot lights, human machine interface module and terminal strip for customer connection for controlling, monitoring and safety interlocks.

By the PLC pump control panel type and application, we should be able to find if it is a variable or constant torque load and provide you the correct type of controller. Now days variable frequency drives are becoming very common to control the pumps motors due their ability to limit the inrush current, save energy, provide a smooth/soft start, control speed, able to communicate with pressure, flow, level and temperature transmitters and ability to power up three phase motors from single phase supply.

We can work with you to provide a turn key solution for your pump application which includes a complete control panel, ground fault monitoring, instrumentation needs, pump station or skid wiring.

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