Power Distribution Panel

Power Distribution Panel

This type 4 custom power distribution panel which is rated for 2000 A current and 45 kA short circuit current rating. It has 1600 A main non fused disconnect for incoming power and 3 separate compartments for 600 A fused feeder disconnects. The line side of 600A disconnects, and load side of 1600A disconnect is hard bussed to 2000A common bus. Load side of 600A disconnects will be supplying 3 large variable frequency drives at site. The live bus is protected by insulating material sheets. This panel is also equipped with 120V AC anti condensation heaters in each compartment to keep the moisture away. This particular unit is made for bottom entry but following option are also available.

Power Distribution Panel Options

  • Available in all type of enclosures including type 1, 12, 3R, 4 or 4X
  • Molded case or power breakers instead of disconnects.
  • Motorized operators for molded case breakers
  • Ground fault protection by external relay or built in breaker.
  • Shunt trip for remote shutdown
  • Under or overvoltage relays for equipment protection
  • Top, bottom, rear or side entry and provision for hard bus
  • Surge protection
  • CPT for control power
  • Viewing windows for disconnect open/close blade status.
  • Pad mount design
  • Bus up to 600V and 6000 amps in LV models
  • Bus up to 25KV and 6000 amps in MV models
  • Protection and monitoring relays
  • Ground balls for grounding when in maintenance mode
  • Nonferrous gland plates for single conductor entry
  • IR windows for temperature measurement
  • Power on indicators for any voltage

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