AC Solar Combiner Box

AC Solar Combiner Box

The AC combiner box works similarly to the DC combiner box but with the added challenge of making sure AC signals are not combined out of phase. Most AC line interactive inverter systems are built to monitor and mimic the line voltage frequency and power factor. Combiner protection relays monitor how each inverter is handling the interaction and will disconnect a device if it is operation to far out of range. By monitoring the exported energy of each inverter better safeguards can be put in place to protect your valuable inverter hardware.
Solution Controls is capable of providing the simplest of combiner boxes as well as the high end feature-filled units with multi feeder management relays. Voltage from 120VAC to 8kV units are well with in the scope of supply.

Many of these units will require specialized instrument transformers. Current transformers commonly known as CT’s allow us to safely read line current of 10’s of amps to thousands of amps. Similarly, voltage (or potential) transformers, commonly known as PT’s allow us to bring that voltage from hundreds or thousands of volts down to safe voltage levels to feed to the instruments or monitoring relays.

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