Assembled by Solution Control Systems

Soft Starter Panels

The soft starter panels are available in 120V, 208V, 230V, 460V, 575V and Medium Voltage from fractional horsepower to 900HP

Standard Features

  • Soft starter unit with internal bypass and Modbus* adjustable soft start/stop feature 
  • Control power transformer with fused Pri. & Sec. Start/Stop buttons, run and fault lamps
  • Remote start via digital input or Modbus

Options Available

Enclosure Nema 4X Stainless Steel or Fibre Glass Enclosure Floor Mount Kit Inner Door for controls Fixed See Through window Multiple motor control Isolation Contactor Heater Single Phase Application Custom Controls Available Full time protection & Monitoring Soft starter Packages available for Class1 Div1 or 2 in the X-Proof Enclosures and Purged Panels * Soft starter unit can we supplied by us or free issued by customer Generally we deal with Schneider, Motortronics and ABB. Benefits Using Soft starter over across the line starter Less wear and tear on the motor and driven load Decreased motor starting current which means savings No voltage drop on the lines/loads surrounding the starter Less stress on the conductors and connections Remote control via network. Easy to use

Typical Application

Compressors Pumps Air scrubbers Fans Motorized doors