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Motor Starters Types

A motor starter is a device designed to start motors based on their unique starting requirements of various types of motors requiring

•      High torque
•      Low torque
•      Slow starting speed
•      High starting speed
•      Combinations of above or time variants based on the connected loads

Standard market available starters are Direct-On-Line Starter, Star-Delta Starter, Reversing starter, Soft Starter, VFD starter

A typical motor starter would consist of incoming power connection (Single or three phase) connected to a protection system such as fuse block or a circuit breaker with or without locking option, contactor switchgear with an overload relay integrated or separately connected and the power delivery cable terminated directly to the field motor or to intermediate terminal blocks. The probable variation to this would include a soft starter or a variable frequency drive after the contactor.

The control elements would include selector switches such as Auto/ Manual, Local / Remote and push buttons such as Motor Start/ Stop and Pilot indicators for the status. The actuation of the motor could happen from a controller such as PLC in automatic control schemes. Depending on where the control system (maybe PLC or Motor control relay) is located, the control and monitoring wiring signals such as motor winding temperature/ vibration/ overload/ motor operation status/ motor run forward reverse signals/driven equipment signals may land inside motor starter panel.

A motor starter panel would include any or more of the various starters listed and include all the isolation, safety, protection and control signals listed above. Starter panel are engineered units designed specifically for the ratings needed and would be almost ready to function with basic installation.

Options Available

4X Stainless Steel or Fibre Glass Enclosure, Floor Mount Kit, Inner Door for controls, NEMA Style Contactors, Electronic Overloads, Multiple motor control, Duplex pump Control, Automatic Transfer Control, Multi winding/speed motor control, Enclosure Heater, Single Phase Application, Custom Controls, Class1 Div1 or 2 starters in the X-Proof Enclosures and Purge Panels.