5 Questions To Ask Before Replacing or Upgrading Switchgear

If you replace or upgrade your switchgear, you will have to look down for various aspects such as accessibility, footprint, budget, etc. Here are five questions that you need to ask yourself before replacing or upgrading your switchgear equipment with the latest models like the arc flash switchgear.

1. What is the Reason Behind This Replacement or Upgradation?

You need to know the reason behind your replacement or upgrade of switchgear. This will help you make further decisions for the process. Some of the reasons that you can consider for your replacement or upgrade are as follows:

  • Look for the availability and cost of spare parts for your switchgear. At times, the cost of spare parts for existing switchgear can be higher than the replacement cost.
  • Whether you want to use arc flash switchgear, reduce the overall PPE with remote operations, or add more protective functions, you will need to change or replace your existing one.

2. Do I Have Enough Electrical Or Production Capacity?

If you want to add more electrical capacity, you may think about adding more circuit breakers, more transformers, and space.

  • Firstly, check for the availability of the spare capacity in your transformer.
  • You can increase MV feeders by two times with a stacked design to easily fit medium voltage switchgear. 
  • You can also increase the electrical capacity through other options like the replacement of rear and front switchgear.

3. Is There Any Accessibility Or Footprint Limitation?

You must check for the dimensions of your electrical room doors to plan the route. Then, check if there are any obstacles while replacing the switchgear or not. This will help you know the shipping splits you will need from the custom switchgear manufacturer. You can relocate some other equipment to make the best space and location for your new switchgear.

4. Can I Use My Existing Conduits for the Replacement or Upgradation?

The answer to this question depends on the various factors like:

  • Location of the conduits
  • Area of the cable entry
  • Condition of the cables to carry the load

You can perform rerouting or splicing on a few cables to minimize your downtime and save money. 

5. Do I Have Enough Budget For The Replacement Or Upgradation?

You have to ensure whether you have the budget to replace all parts of your switchgear or not. This is because both replacement and upgrade involve a considerable amount of expenses. So, know your budget before any decision.

Hopefully, these questions will help you walk you through the entire process.

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