Arc Flash Switchgear: How Does It Show Effectiveness in the industry

Industrial sectors are facing the problem with arc flash and energy from their electric control panel. This problem can be solved by using the applications of arc flash resistant switchgear. Here, you will learn how this switchgear is effective with its use.

Electric current flows through the path of conductors in an overall electrical system. But, when this electric current travels through air, it forms an arc. The entire event of the formation of arc is known as arc flash. This phenomenon poses a significant risk for the safety of a person, property, or overall productivity. However, the use of arc flash switchgear can significantly redirect the arc energy up and out of your equipment via ducts and vents.

Arc flash switchgear has a system designed explicitly with vent flaps that open after it comes under the pressure of arc fault. There are several ways to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of this advanced and protective switchgear option. Some of the ways of its effectiveness are:

  • This system allows the arc flash energy and the superheated gases to redirect out of the equipment, far away from the operating personnel.
  • This switchgear has a few similar functions to medium voltage switchgear. It helps to increase safety and prevents the adjacent equipment from any collateral damage. But, you will never find this level of protection in non-arc-resistant switchgear.
  • The medium voltage switchgear undergoes the racking in and out of the large-sized low voltage power circuit breaker. However, an arc-resistant design to such switchgear enables you to complete this process with enclosed doors in equipment designed to redirect energy in case of arcing fault or arc flash.
  • Custom switchgear manufacturers ensure the best effectiveness of the arc flash switchgear for the optimal safety of the personnel, production, and equipment. This switchgear will protect the workers from any hazardous damage through the exposure of arc flash.
  • Arc flash resistant switchgear comes in two types based on the voltage system. The type-1 switchgear comes with a front -side arc-resistance only, but the type-2 is resistant to arc flash from front, back, rear, and sides. However, the usability type of these switchgear depends on the safety requirements of your equipment and its system design.
  • The arc-resistant switchgear helps to alleviate the need for remote switching, remote racking, or clearing upstream over current devices. It directly protects the overall equipment from any harm or damage by the arc energy.

With these aspects in mind, you would surely understand the effectiveness of the device.

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