An Introduction To Primary Medium Voltage Switchgear

Switchgear consists of a collection of circuit protection devices mounted in a metal enclosure. In any modern power system, switchgear protection is very important.

Arc flash switchgear is specifically designed to limit arc energy so that it is less likely to cause an arc flash incident. The arc is diverted from the earthing switch in an arc flash switchgear, or the protection system is accelerated (using alternate sensors to trip the main circuit breaker) to achieve the same.

Primary Medium Voltage Switchgear

The main ring unit for medium voltage applications includes transformer protection, sectionalizing with remote control, or constructing multi-panel metered consumer switchboards.

Primary medium voltage switchgear connects incoming power transformers and outgoing distribution feeders. The switchgear is typically metal-enclosed and mounted indoors.

Switchgear from a custom switchgear manufacturer is built at the site utilizing individual standard components. It allows the construction of customer-specific solutions, such as busbar arrangements, that are impossible with metal-enclosed switchgear.

Arc Flash Switchgear

Recent years have seen a significant increase in public awareness about arc flash hazards and methods to mitigate their effects. A change in regulation was achieved through the introduction of arc flash switchgear.

The incident energy of an arc flash depends on the voltage, current, and arcing time. When the system’s voltage is unadjustable, you can limit the fault duration or arcing time in various ways.

The arc flash switchgear ensures safety from arc flashes. In addition to endangering personnel, arcing faults cause significant economic losses due to damage to equipment and process interruption.


Smart Solutions Inc. is a custom switchgear manufacturer. Every switchgear is built at the site to utilize individual standard components. The in-house designs and testing are conducted for all of the equipment.

Each low voltage or medium voltage switchgear is designed to meet your diverse power supply needs. In addition, their safety features and easy maintenance make this custom switchgear manufacturer the perfect choice for all conditions.

You can count on a team of mechanical engineers to deliver a cost-effective, reliable product. Their custom-built arc flash switchgear with modular design will be able to meet all of your needs.