Arc Flash Events – Preventive and Mitigating Solutions

Arc Flash is a hazardous event that can occur in a power system with devastative impacts resulting in serious human injuries, equipment damage, and prolonged outages. Essentially, an arc flash is an electrical fault or short-circuits occurring when physical air or bridge separate two electrodes. Solutions for arc flash reduction include arc flash switchgear, which should be a top priority for every enterprise.

Causes of Arc Flash Events

  • Impurities, dust, rust, moisture, and animal ingress
  • Insulating material failure
  • Incorrect installation
  • Fragmented bus or cable connections
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Inadequate working conditions
  • Dropping or left behind tools

Best Ways to Mitigate the Effects of Arc Flash

  • Employ remote racking technology to operate circuit breakers from outside the arc flash boundary.
  • Working on energized electrical equipment must be avoided.
  • Look into technologies like remote racking and arc flash switchgear, which can help mitigate potential arc flash hazards.
  • Redesign your equipment and processes to take advantage of engineering controls that can help you avoid or mitigate risk.
  • Safety training guarantees that your employees understand the repercussions of being irresponsible and follow proper safety protocols at all times.

Preventive Solutions

Custom control panels are pre-packaged solutions that include multiple solutions such as control systems, power systems, MCCs, instrumented systems, and monitoring systems to meet specific needs. Explosion-proof, flameproof, arc flash proof, deep water, high heat could be some of the customs requirements.

Arc Flash Switchgear – The introduction of light-detecting systems in microprocessor-based relays, together with new breaker technologies, allows for dramatically reduced arc flash incident energy while still using non-arc rated metal clad switchgear. Thus, the end-user benefits from lower costs with arc flash switchgear while minimizing potential arc flash hazards.

We are committed to ensuring that all our products follow an unrivaled quality standard and a streamlined delivery process on time and budget. Our switchgear products are custom-built in a modular design with completely welded construction to suit site needs, and all equipment is constructed and tested in-house and on-site. We are committed to providing an unmatched standard of quality and on-time, streamlined delivery.