Benefits of Buying Hazardous Location Panels and Power Distribution Panels

Hazardous location panels and power distribution panels are installed at various locations and for the safety of various applications. Power distribution panels are rated for 2000 A current and 45 KA short circuit current rating that have 1600 A non focused disconnect for incoming power and 3 compartments of 600A fused disconnects for supplying the variable frequency drives. These panels play a pivotal role in power distribution at constant voltage level and to keep better control over it. These panels mostly distribute and switch power and counted as very crucial part of a power network for any equipment, building or facility.

Disconnect and breaker panels for various applications from 30A to 3000A with various interrupting ratings; while they come with various added features and technical specifications. There are numerous added benefits added with power distribution panels as they ensure safety of all the connected equipment, while help in control over electricity supply from a panel in effective and successful way.

Like power distribution panels, hazardous location panels are also very much popular and required for various applications. Hazardous location panels are ideal for those locations where flammable gases or hazardous dust exist. while safety is the main thing to consider. They are essential for chemical manufacturing, oil and gas refineries, oilfield equipment and services and a variety of other industries where combustible liquids, gases and vapors are found and used for various purposes. You have to purchase the right size and type of power distribution panels and hazardous location panels according to your requirement.