Common Attributes of Electrical Enclosure

Electrical Enclosure Design


An electric enclosure is an open world of electrical equipment. It is mounted to protect the electronic equipment and its users from shockwave and surprise explosion. The section is exposed to users; hence it is necessary to ensure safety. Several other facilities like airport hangers or mines or mills have customized enclosure that ascertains its functioning and efficiency according to the environment.

Let’s discuss the standard features attributing electrical enclosure:

  • Raw Material

With the advancement in enclosures nowadays, poly-carbonate and fibre glass have been a critical component in their manufacturing. But mostly they are made of stainless steel that has the property of being anti-corrosive and resilient.

  • Safe & Secure

There are different criteria set for other countries that assess the security level of enclosures. In the United States, the NEMA rating helps the user to buy the accurate enclosure for their facility based on the geographical zone, environment, and sort of equipment within. Also, the enclosures are ensured to have remote-key access or digital locks for physical security.

  • Weight Wearing

Nowadays, the enclosures are not made of thick and heavy steel. The thin-skinned steel potency is gathered in its frame and backing more than 3000lb, without considering the overall enclosure body.

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  • Volume

Enclosure gathers much space while mounting on the floor. Hence, it is vital to keep it in the right size, which will reduce the foot-space of your factory, lower the shipping cost and loading charges.

  • Climate Management

Proper cooling and heating certify the adequate functioning of enclosures. It protects equipment and machinery and lessens energy consumption. Initiate appropriate thermal supervision using air steering, water dispersal, thermostats, and hydrostats. The weather conditions can be monitored and controlled using cooling units, heat exchangers, fans, heaters, and liquid chillers.

Thus, the aspects attributing enclosures help the engineers and factory owners to design securely and gaining more efficiency.

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