Repair Or Replace The Electrical Enclosure: What You Need To Know

An industrial control panel may contain the components that are responsible for controlling the major production systems in industries including the conveyors, industrial units and cranes among others. A panel may also have components that control the environment systems located nearby like pumps, HVAC and lighting.

The work may come to a standstill even when the smallest of components including the switches and relays stop to work. Preventive inspection and maintenance may keep these issues at bay. You also need a trained and expert professional to inspect and repair your system and control panel, if a problem has already occurred.

While an onsite inspection may only reveal whether the industrial control panel needs to be replaced or repaired,

Here are some accompanying conditions that point out that the panel should be changed or repaired-


Jumbled Units

The jumbled units have the DIY, custom junction boxes that are often chaotic at their insides. The units are overcrowded and messy, are a cause of safety problems, and may require unnecessary repair. Repairing these systems is also a headache for the experts, as they may not find what the purpose of the components is.

Antecedent/Precursor Events

Negligence may occur during the antecedent events, and the workers may fail to arrange the control in a proper way. These are the situations of surges, and rooftop breaks among others. Workers may also neglect clearly visible signs including part wear, metal consumption, low execution, clamors, odd smells, and others. These incidences and signs are present before the terminating occasions and the electric shock, many-a-times.

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Improper location

The enclosures may suffer harm in the presence of soil, oil, and destructive vapors, extremes of cold or heat, dampness, vibrations and in other accompanying conditions. Experts and specialists may also find it hard to gain access to the enclosure or to its insides when the location of the enclosure is not suitable.

Negligence of Codes and Guidelines

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and NEC (National Electric code) are the sources of codes and guidelines that should be followed while choosing, installing and using the electrical enclosures. Negligence of these codes may be a cause of failure of components, and may also result in fire and explosion.

Expert intervention may be required for proper caring, repair, or even replacement of the electrical enclosure. Enclosures should always be chosen in lieu of the hazards and operational environment, and they should conform to the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer Association) ratings as well.

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