Get Latest Soft Starter Motor Control Panels

Soft starter panels and motor control panels are the important panel that play a pivotal role in ensuring long life and better controlling and take care of motors (from single phase to three phase) and provide safety of compressors, pumps, air scrubbers and fans. Depending on the type of machine you have or your requirement, they are available in a variety of models. As far as soft starter panels are concerned, they are available in a variety of models and packages. In other words, soft starter control panels’ packages are available in different voltage levels that include 120V, 208V, 230V, 460V, 575V and medium voltage from fractional horsepower to 900HP. The new line of control panels are also divided into different categories like:

Nema 1 Soft Starter

Enclosure Nema1: It comes to soft starter unit with internal bypass and modbus along with adjustable soft start/stop feature. Not forget to mention control power transformer with fused Primary & secondary options. Fault Lamp, Run Lamp and Start/Stop button are added options.

Standard Soft Starter Packages: The amazing control panels come with all the aforementioned features of enclosure Nema1. Some added features include remote start with digital input and modbus.

There are numerous added features; while various other options are also available. Some added features make soft starter panels innovative one that include enclosure floor mount kit, inner door for controls, fixed see through window, multiple motor control, isolation contactor, heater, single phase application, custom controls and a lot more.

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The new line of control panels are known for less wear and tear on motor and driven load. Not forgetting to mention decreased motor starting current and no voltage drop on the lines and loads surrounding the starter. Remote controlling via networking and less stress on conductors and connections are additional features. Soft starter panels are ideal options for compressors, pumps, air scrubbers, fans and motorized doors. There are numerous added benefits associated with the new line of control panels that you will notice after installation.

Motor control panels are also important panels that play an important role in controlling and monitoring of one or multiple motor – no matter whether it is single phase or three phase motor. Isolation disconnects, over-current protection, soft start motor controller, overload protection, separate control voltage circuit, control operators and pilot lights, etc are some added features; while you can also customize panels to your demanding requirements. Depending on your choice, you can choose the most common type of motor control panels, full voltage reversing and non-reversing magnetic motor starters, soft starter motor control panels, variable frequency drive control panels and a variety of other panels.

Buy Soft Starter Panels and Motor Control Panels in Canada?

You will have some better options of buying the best quality soft starter panels and motor control panels according to your choice. Solution Controls Systems is a trusted and certified company offering you a variety of control panels at competitive prices with some added benefits like installation, maintenance support and a lot more. You have to place your order according to your requirement.

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Soft starter panels and motor control panels are available in different models that you can choose according to your choice. Solution Control Systems is a certified company in Canada from where you can buy a variety of control panels.