The Appropriate Use of Motor Soft Starter

Electrical surges cause process and equipment failure and reduce electrical components and motors’ lives. Motor starters are a kind of protective equipment for the motors that not only provide for their operation but also prevent electrical overloading. The electrical equipment acts as a “fail-safe” controller that deactivates the essential components and saves the system whenever the current exceeds the safe limit. A short circuit and fault may impact the system, and in these cases, a soft starter is reliable security equipment that protects the process and the system from damages. Below are some critical aspects of the appropriate configuration and use of a motor soft starter that should be kept in mind. 

The Ability to Disconnect

A Motor starters  must disconnect from the main supply and isolate, which will prevent a restart. Among other benefits, it also provides for easy repair work and maintenance. The short circuit protection features/functions and the switch dis-connectors are integrated into a single device. A fused switch dis-connector is one example. The systems should be carefully chosen and placed appropriately.

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Protection from Short Circuits following the Scenario

The normal load currents in domestic scenarios only span in a few amperes in the domestic environment. However, for the industries, the load currents can exceed thousands of amps. Therefore, it is essential to select and use the appropriate short-circuit protection devices, which are reliable towards detecting short circuits and disconnect safely. The fuses and circuit breakers should be placed appropriately to provide for safety and to ensure prevention of fire and explosion.

Protection from Overload

Sometimes motor starters may be required to work beyond their capacity in the case of a pump and pumping system with a blockage. When high currents are drawn, complications may occur. Electronic starters come in many different forms and can be chosen following the circuits and other aspects.The control functions can be performed by the contractors, which include the energized electromagnets, also known as coils. The many different functions and components of the motor starter should work together and co-ordinate properly. Industries can also consult a leading panel manufacturer and supplier to procure a reliable and modern panel for starters and drives that reduce system complexity and provide scalable and cost-effective operations. 

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