Power Distribution Centre: What Is Important To Consider?

A power distribution center plays a main role in determining how efficiently a data center works. Choosing the right PDU will go a long way in maintaining the seamless operation of your data center and improving its productivity in the long run.

Power Distribution Panels

Things to Consider when Selecting a Power Distribution Center

The efficiency of a data center depends on many factors. Power distribution center is one of these. A power distribution unit or PDU is used to transform the raw power input from the grid. The power is then routed to lower capacity outlets used by different devices in a server rack. 

The power requirements for each device in a rack may vary. It means that the PDU would have to supply just the right amount of power to every device in the rack based on the latter’s power requirements. As such, choosing the right PDU is an important decision, which needs to be taken after careful contemplation.

Choosing the Right PDU

When it comes to choosing the right power distribution center, you need to consider two important factors, staffing and location.

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Small Offices and Facilities

Switched or monitored power distribution units work well for small offices or branch locations with fewer server racks and minimal IT support. While these PDUs may cost extra, they would save money in the long run. Companies will not have to send IT personnel to the location to restore power to the PDU.