The Different Lighting Control System Forms Today

There are a plethora of lighting control systems available today and some are also operated through the computers remotely. Cost efficiency and convenience are only some of the benefits of these new-age systems.

There are several benefits of the new and modern lighting control systems. They provide for energy efficiency, streamline your facility maintenance tasks and processes and also help in saving cost. Lighting control systems now have the computing devices and therefore can be tuned for many different requirements. For instance, the lights may go automatically switch off when the census does not sense anybody in a room or the intensity of the light may be optimized so that it is not wasted. Some of the common and popular lighting control systems that are in use today are given and described below.


The lighting control system and lighting control panel may also use the daylights for offsetting the load that the electrical system bears. This system is called a daylighting control system. The use of the system substantially reduces the investment and operating costs.

Basic Lighting Control System

These are the simple lighting control systems consisting of the manual “on” and “off” switches. CFL and LED bulbs can be used for reducing energy expenditure.

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Motion Sensors or Occupancy Sensors

The motion sensors are often used in outdoor lighting systems for security reasons and/or for saving electricity. The lights turn on only when the sensor detects motion.

Dimmer Switches

The users can adjust the intensity of light in a dimmer light control system. Therefore, the light can be dark, bright and many shades in between. This electrical control system can save tons of electricity each day.

Time Scheduling

Lighting systems can also be scheduled through a clock, so that the lights can be switched “on” and “off” at any given time automatically.

Network Lighting Control System

This lighting control system can be operated from a distance through switches and sensors. The system is a part of the modern facility and Building Automation System, or can also take the form of a standalone system.

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