The Importance of NEMA Rating and Its Benefits

NEMA or National Electrical Manufacturers Association was founded in the year 1926. The organization has given the standards and guidelines which govern the design and specifications of the electrical enclosures that have industrial uses and applications. The different types of electrical enclosures are rated on the basis of access to the hazardous parts, environmental conditions, and other aspects. For instance, an electrical enclosure and its rating may provide to you a clue about the protection it may offer against oil, water, coolant, corrosive materials (including gasoline) and other hazards.

Why is NEMA Rating Important

Whenever you mount the electrical components and equipment (including the control panel, manual transfer switches, and others) on the electrical enclosures, it is very important for you to know whether the enclosure can protect this equipment against elemental and chemical hazards. The reputed electrical control panels providers bring to you more information about the NEMA ratings of the enclosures and help you choose the best one that can protect your equipment against the prevailing hazards.

Different Benefits of NEMA Rated Enclosures

As stated earlier, the different enclosures have their own and specific NEMA rating, which indirectly suggests to you the protection level the particular enclosure can provide and the hazards it can contain. These enclosures can prevent corrosion and adverse impacts that may occur to your electrical equipment and panel through a range of agents and substances.

  • Water: a NEMA enclosure can prevent water Ingress. Depending on the rating, the enclosure can prevent water Ingress during long-term submersion, temporarily and may even prevent water emanating out of hoses. Hence your enclosure can be an effective barrier against water even in the situations of flooding or hurricane.

  • Human contact: the NEMA rated enclosure can prevent electrical shocks and hence are beneficial for preventing accidents.  Any enclosure that is rated by NEMA can provide protection against the different kinds and levels of human contact.

  • Coolant and oil: the NEMA 13 electrical enclosure offers protection against spills, sprays, or drips of coolants and oils.

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  • Dust and dirt: all kinds of enclosures that are NEMA rated offer protection against dirt, dust, and debris.

  • Snow/ Sleet: The NEMA 3 rated electrical enclosures offer protection against sleet, snow, and other winter elements.

  • Explosion: electrical enclosures with NEMA rating 7, 8, 9 or 10 are able to offer protection against the accidental and other explosions.

You can talk to a leading electrical enclosures manufacturer/supplier and get the best NEMA rated electrical enclosure for your office building, industrial facility, manufacturing unit, and other places. The unique conditions prevailing in the vicinity should be considered when you choose a particular NEMA rating.

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The NEMA rating of an electrical enclosure depicts what kind and level of protection it can offer against the different adverse and corrosive agents. It is very important to consider the NEMA rating before buying an electrical enclosure so that the model perfectly suits the conditions and equipment and can protect them best.