Five Essential Checkboxes For Buying Electrical Enclosures

Enclosing your electrical equipment and switches is crucial for several reasons. A proper enclosure around electrical equipment will not only protect the equipment itself from the environment but also for preventing inadvertent injuries. While buying electrical enclosures is not a challenging task, there are some essential pointers to remember so that you buy only the best.


Here are 5 factors that you must consider:

1. NEMA Ratings

NEMA Ratings are constructive in assessing the quality of the product and whether or not the enclosure will be able to protect the industrial control panel without getting degraded or corroded. One must never go for enclosures without NEMA ratings, or else it will be a waste of money.

2. Identifying The Environment

The second vital thing to remember is that one must identify the environment where the electrical enclosure will go in to avoid getting the wrong type in the wrong place. In simpler words, these enclosures are manufactured based on the environment they will be dealing with as well. Hence, outdoor enclosures will be different from the indoor ones.

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3. Room For Changes

Many times, the placement of electrical components undergo modifications either through human intervention or technological changes. It would be unsuitable for the electrical cabinet if there is no room for change. Therefore, you must make sure that the enclosure is robust and versatile when it comes to its utilization.

4. Thermal Management

Having an enclosure with a complementary cooling system is extremely necessary. Especially for industrial purposes where the electrical equipment may be exposed to high loads and excessive heating.

5. Raw Material

The most important of all is to decide the raw material before-hand after proper consultation and research. There are many options like- Poly-carbonate enclosures (easy to modify), aluminium enclosures (protect the industrial control panel from harsh environments), stainless steel and carbon steel enclosures (corrosion resistant), and others.

These five pointers can help you purchase the best and more importantly, the correct electrical enclosures for your equipment, panels and switch-boards. Keep in mind that the enclosure you choose must have a robust NEMA rating as a testimony to its performance and quality.

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