Tips to Update your Motor Starter

The control panel is the core of a motor starter. That’s where all the magic happens. A motor starter is responsible for allowing the engine in the motor to perform its operations. However, the starter can cause trouble at times. There could be several reasons for this.

While some are easy to fix, you may have to change the motor starters or the control panel to make the motor function again. Wrong wiring and power overload can damage the control panel and the motor starter. Choosing a high-quality control panel will save you from facing such issues in the long term.

Turn Off Power Supply

Be careful when examining the motor starter and the control panel. Don’t touch the electrical setup and wires when the power supply is on. Even if the motor starter is not working, you have to turn off electricity before touching the unit.

Check the Wiring Design

If the recently installed motor starters are not working, the fault could lie with the wiring. The rule applies to older units as well. The basic connections could have gone wrong and have to be re-examined by the electrician. Don’t remove or mix up the wires if you are not trained for the job.

Use a Custom Control Panel

We always recommended using a custom control panel for motor starters. The custom panels are specifically built based on your requirements. Such control panels have a longer life span and come with high-quality fittings. You can have motor starter control panels that are flameproof, explosion-proof, etc., to minimize the risk of fire accidents.

Contact a Reliable Service Provider

Not all companies offer custom control panels for residential and industrial use. You’ll have to choose a reliable service provider who has trained and experienced technicians. The control panels have to be assembled in-house and installed at your location. Though you can provide your design, it is advisable to ask the expert to suggest the best alternatives.

Look for a service provider who will rework the design if you are not happy with the control panel for motor starters at your establishment.