Useful Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Motor Starter

A starter (also known as a starter motor, cranking motor, or self-starter) allows an engine to initiate an operation on its own by sending an electrical push of current to the motor. All these things happen in the background without our knowledge when we start a car with a key. If you want to use the starter motor for a long time, then it is very important to ensure proper care and maintenance. Here are a few useful tips to extend the lifespan of a motor starters.

  • Clean The Terminal

The first and most important step is to maintain the starter motor in good condition by regular clean-up. With usage and time, there can be corrosion layers on the terminals of the battery. This corrosion can further increase due to the hydrogen generated by the acids in the battery. Due to corrosion, the passage of electric current can stop from battery to motor starter. Thus, it is important to clean the terminals regularly for proper current flow.

  • Clean the Wires of Connector

If you don’t know how to begin cleaning a starter motor, then you should start by cleaning the connector wires. A connector wire is a wire that connects the battery to the starter motor. Over time, dirt and dust can get accumulated on the wire. If this happens, then electric current will stop passing from battery to starter.

If you want the vehicle to run smoothly, then you will need to regularly clean the connector wires so that current can flow fully to the starter motor from the battery.

  • Screw the Mounting Bolts

Mounting bolts are a part of the starter motor, which keeps the starter motor in its place. So, it is necessary to ensure that they are tightened properly. Loose mounting bolts can break the connection between the driver of the starter and the flywheel. You can identify if the mounting bolts are loose if there is a grinding noise while turning on the engine.

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  • Replace Flywheel If Deteriorated

Flywheels are very important to start the engine. You should regularly check it and keep it in good shape for smooth running. If the flywheel has deteriorated, then replace it as early as possible. The starter motor will get damaged very fast if you continue to use a deteriorated flywheel.

All these tips can help you enhance the life of the starter motor.