VFD Retrofit Options and Benefits for Units and Plants

VFDs or variable frequency drives are essential nowadays in industrial environments for their cost efficiency and better performance. However, firms need to spend the money only after proper analysis. A retrofit application can also be considered when the VFD is being upgraded, replaced, and in other instances. The new drives can also be installed by using the same enclosures and wirings.

Variable frequency drive

Variable Frequency Drive panels have already revealed their worth and value. When motor speed is better controlled and reduced for the fan, belt, or other applications, much energy is saved. VFDs also well prepare a system for a given application and help the system run more effectively on the whole.

Upgrades Are Essential

A retrofit for your VFD will solve all the existing issues, and you will also get a new drive and system that performs in line with your applications. Because the technology improves, it is essential to have the latest configurations, so that the production environment is hugely benefited and stays modern. When the enclosures have ample of space, you do not need to put an enclosure separately for the new retrofit.

However, there may be more significant complexities for the existing buildings. Proper evaluation of the existing systems should be done before any change is made. An existing system that has a constant speed motor should be effectively replaced with a new VFD.

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VFD Benefits

Apart from upgrading to a new VFD and components, there are many other VFD opportunities present.

Exhaust fans- An exhaust fan may be fitted on an existing VFD. Ducting systems may have more massive fans that serve multiple spaces.

Inlet Guide Vanes VFD- The large air handling equipment has the inlet guide vanes. These older systems were driven by the actuators through pneumatic or electrical means. A retrofit can be quite useful here.

Constant Volume Air Handling Unit- While air handling systems are needed to operate in fixed and given space, they don’t operate at a given and constant volume always. A VFD can better control these systems and provide energy savings.

VFDs can also be used on the CHW/HW pumps, cooling tower fans, and in other areas, and are not restricted to the HVACs nowadays.

Choosing an Expert

Whether it is a single horsepower unit or the medium voltage drive, it is essential to have the retrofit done and analyzed by an expert. A leading manufacturer will have the right VFD retrofit and upgrade for you, which will also culminate in more cost savings for you. There is no shortage of VFD retrofit service providers for the existing drives. Some of the best benefits of the service are given below.

Lower wastage- A retrofit may use the existing motors, cables, and the cabinet of the existing drive. Therefore, manufacturers can retain most of their existing equipment, which results in lower wastage.

Rapid deployment- When experts provide you the retrofit service, you can be assured of fast and effective deployment of the retrofit. Certified engineers have ample training and experience in this regard.

Reduced downtime- You can reduce system downtimes quickly, and motor can carry out the planned downtimes that last for a short duration. Retrofit does not disturb your existing production schedules.

Installation is done in chronological order- There is no need for the long shutdown for the reinstallation of the VFD retrofit.

Service- The retrofits are also provided with timely service. Timely maintenance ensures that the system stays productive.

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