Why The Right Built Of Electrical Enclosure Is Of Utmost Importance?

The electrical enclosures and electrical panels keep the components, circuits, wiring and other kinds of equipment and parts safe from environmental factors including temperature, humidity, and moisture. They house a range of components including microcontrollers, fiber optic devices, power supplies, switches, router, and other equipment. Moisture and overheating shorten the life of the equipment and may also be a cause of accidents and fire hazard. Therefore, the right built and quality of your electrical enclosures is crucial towards their reliability and suitability for a particular environment.

The Importance of Built of Electrical Enclosures and Panels

Electrical enclosures nowadays vary greatly in material, structure, size and design and the customized options are also available to the plants. It is expected from the industries to have enclosures that adhere to the specifications provided by organizations including NEMA (National Electric Manufacturing Association) and the Underwriters Laboratory among others.

Built Material

The latest panels and enclosures are manufactured using lightweight polycarbonate that provides for better impact and scratch resistance and is also shatterproof. The new material can resist adverse agents including ultraviolet right, corrosion, temperature, and weathering agents as well. Other materials that can be used for manufacturing enclosure panels include plastic, metal, die-cast, and fiberglass, etc.

The Ratings

The NEMA rating is crucial towards installing and using an electrical enclosure in lieu of the environment and operational scenario it is exposed to. For instance and panel/enclosure with the specific NEMA rating may come with the gasket, which will prevent dust from intruding the insides of the panel and enclosure.

International Protection Marking or IP code rating can also be used to choose the right enclosure. One of the ratings of IP is from 0 to 6. An enclosure with the rating of 6 has the highest security from dust and other kinds of solid objects, while 0 rating enclosure has the least resistance. Another IP rating range varies from 0 to 9. A 9 rating reveals that the enclosure can sustain and resist high pressured water hoses/jets while a rating of zero means that it is not protected from the liquid at all.

The built of the enclosure should also offer protection against ultraviolet rays, possess double insulation and have the unit design to divert moisture. Talk to a leading supplier to procure the best electrical panel that is resistant to corrosion and can protect all the equipment in the face of adverse agents it is exposed to.