Camlok and Power Connectors

Camlok and Power Connectors

Cam-Lok fittings are available in panel mountable plugs and cable mountable receptacles for single pole connectivity solution for temporary and non-permanent applications especially for generators and power distribution.

Due to single and independent connection per pole, these Cam-Lok plugs and receptacles are color coded so there is no confusion at the time of connection. These fittings are weather proof, lighter, easy to install, wire and connect.

It is very important to connect all the leads before energizing the system, because it is hazardous to energize the system before all the poles or grounds are connected. Also protect all the plugs which are not connected to cable while energizing the system.

On the other hand, conventional power connectors are integral devices which house all the poles and grounds in one assembly. These are generally seen in permanent and non-permanent applications for indoor/outdoor use and available for all different flexible cable types. We can install and pre-wire the plugs in the panel and also prepare cable with cord end for plug and play use in the field.

These plugs and receptacles can’t be connected incorrect to each other due the pin arrangement nor some poles can be left disconnected at the time of connection. Some model of these plugs and receptacles have a mechanism to secure to each other so they can’t be disconnected accidentally.

We also have access to plugs and couplers for trailing cables for mining use for low and high voltage with ground check connection.

The conductor arrangement ensures that power cannot be turned on until the couplers are completely connected and the power will be shut down in case a coupler in a live circuit is accidentally disconnected because ground-check circuit is being monitored.

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