Material Handling Control Panel

Material Handling Control Panel

Material handling by definition, is the short distance movement of good or materials generally within a building of facility. At solutions controls we have had the privilege of designing customized material handling system controls for archiving that very goal. There are many factors that go into the design of such systems. utilization of the right products is required to allow maximization of material movement though the uses of VFD, Starters and smart devices so to reduce utility loading, reduce wear on electrical and mechanical systems, while improving overall utilization
Solutions controls also can produce the management systems and user control stations to accompany the electrical controls cabinets. This makes for a one stop shop to get control stations that integrate seamlessly with the master controls.

Integrating communications with the PLC controls to talk with other systems and services is a general requirement with modern material management control systems. Many systems when working with raw materials will require the integration of scales and displacement sensors to ensure the right amount of materials are being moved and measured. Many systems will utilize Ethernet communications for high speed data transfer between other PLC’s, IoT Devices, and middleware systems.
Systems must also be engineered to know when things are not operating correctly. This may be in the overloading of belts and conveyances to take the correct means of shutting down handling systems. Improper means of shut down will often complicate conditions and increase downtime.

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