A protection a control panel integrated some rack mount and door mounted devices. The door mount devices fitted on 19” blank plates and mounted on the rack opening. A standard free-standing enclosure converted to rack mount enclosures by fitting a rackmount plate in the rear by cutting the back wall of the enclosure. This is a cost effective and fastest way to get a rack mount cabinet.

Door mount protection and control devices mounted on rear wall of custom cabinets which came with all the cutouts. This also can be achieved on a standard cabinet by supplying a flat plate with cutouts and removing the back of the enclosure by cutting

Solution Control Systems can modify the standard enclosures to rack mount enclosures by fabricating a rackmount plate in the rear. By removing the back wall of the enclosure. This is a cost effective and fastest way to get a rack mount cabinet.

Customer manufactured plates and doors to replace the old ones, fitted with protection relays, breaker switches, test switches and pilot lights to retrofit the existing switchgear controls. All the devices pre-wired and a pig tail provided for connection to the breakers and other equipment.

Bunch of training and testing modules fabricated with rack mount and door mounted devices. The protection relays, lights, and switches.
mounted in rack or the filler plates and housed in hard shell cases with removable covers for front and back. The cases are stackable, light, easy to carry around, provide maximum protection to your equipment and easy to deploy.

SEL protection and control relays mounted in rack mount cabinets with prewired to test jacks, push buttons and pilot lights on a rack mount plate. These are training modules built in portable hard-shell cases which are easy to transport and can be stacked on top of each other for an easy deployment in training rooms or sites.

Dual access free standing data cabinets c/w network switches, uninterrupted power supplies, power distribution terminals and power distributions bars. Non-rack surface mount devices mounted on special rackmount adapters

A small cabinet with a 10 deck 40 breaker control switch wired back to terminals for some analog and digital signals going to control relays for selection between generator and utility power.

At Solution Control Systems we can assemble data and server cabinets for rack or non-rack mount equipment. Some of these cabinets come with double swing capability to access the rear of the equipment without removing any covers or moving the cabinet.