Buying an Electrical Enclosure? Here are Some Facts that You Should Know

Finding the best electrical enclosure to work with your application can be a bit tedious task if you are not aware of the basic facts related to them. To help you in your purchase of a suitable electrical enclosure, we are listing out some facts that you should beforehand.

1. Environment

The environment in which an electrical enclosure is installed has a huge effect on its working as the ambiance might affect it. Hence, you should choose the electrical enclosure which suits the environment in which you are planning to install it.

For example, an electrical enclosure installed inside a plant may get exposed to hazardous chemicals while one installed in the outdoors can get affected by the humidity of the environment.

2. NEMA Rating

The National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) is a forum for the development of technical standards which are created keeping in mind the best interests of both the industry and the users.

A NEMA rating gives information regarding the durability and usability of electrical enclosures.

3. Modifications

You should always choose a model which allows for further modifications and get them modified to suit your operation. The models should be Built Fast and Built Right for your requirements.

4. Enclosure Size

The material which works best on your enclosure is decided by the size of the enclosure that you choose to buy. For example, steel is a good choice of material for a large enclosure whereas poly-carbonates are for the smaller ones.

5. Weight

If your enclosure has to be mounted on the wall, then always pay attention to the weight of the enclosure that you are buying. A bulky enclosure will take up too much space and may not stay hanging on the wall for too long.

6. Materials to Choose From

Poly-carbonate (Plastic) Enclosures are one of the best electrical enclosures available for commercial use as it is the lightest option available.

Poly-carbonate is easy to modify and can be accommodated as per the requirements of the environment. It is also best for indoor use as it is resistant to any corrosion due to hazardous chemicals.

Hence, buying electrical enclosures is not that tough if you keep all these points in mind and choose the best one as per your requirements.