Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing an Industrial Control Panel

A control panel is where the equipment is fitted to automate the industrial processes. Though pre-built control panels are available, most industries opt for custom panels. Custom control panel are more efficient and allow a smooth flow of operations. This reduces the risk of human error and increases safety for workers.

However, it is crucial not to make basic mistakes when customizing the industrial control panel for your factories.


  • Flammable Enclosures

Control panels in industrial environments need to be fortified with corrosion-free, explosion-proof and inflammable enclosures to prevent the risk of a fire accident. Mounting the control panel on a pedestal and maintaining the temperature is as important as choosing the right type and size of the enclosure. Fitting too many components on a smaller panel and enclosing it in a narrow space is not recommended.

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  • Irregular/Inefficient Panel Design

The design plays a vital role in the safety and efficiency of the control panel. And if the control panel itself has an irregular design, it might cause issues during installation and prevent scalability in the future. Flexibility and scalability are two essential aspects of an industrial control panel.

  • Cheap Components

Don’t ever compromise on the quality of components used in control panels. A short circuit in the control panel could cause heavy losses for the establishment. Always hire a trustworthy and experienced service provider to build custom control panels for your factories.

  • Disregard Safety Regulations

Industrial control panels are built according to the safety standards set by the US governmental agencies. UL 508A, UL 698A, NFPA 70, etc., are some examples of safety standards the service provider should comply with, depending on the nature of your industry.

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  • Say No to Maintenance Services

Installing the industrial control panel is not the end of the task. The panel has to be examined regularly to ensure that no damages result in dangerous situations. Hire the service provider to provide maintenance services and visit the location for periodic checkups. Follow the instructions shared during the installation to ensure that the control panel is in proper condition.