Electric Motor Enclosures that Ensure Safety

A motor enclosure should hold the motor components together and save them from damage from moisture, contaminants, abrasion, and chemicals. While the process is hazardous in itself, the presence of class 1 div 2 enclosure means that the enclosure should have proper cooling to save the motor from inflaming from gases and vapors by appropriate cooling.

Here are some common types of motor enclosures that protect the bearings and windings from inflammation and damage from moisture, dust, and chemicals.

Common types of motor enclosures:

Open Drip Proof

Open Drip Proof(ODP) enclosures circulate winds in the motor to ensure cooling and prevent inflammation. It also prevents the engine from damage due to liquid by preventing the fluid from falling from a vertical angle. You should use this kind of motor in indoor and dry locations for best results.

Totally enclosed fan cooled motor

This kind of motor doesn’t let air pass through the enclosure but isn’t an airtight enclosure. The attached fan cools the motor by passing air through the frame to ensure proper cooling inside the enclosure. It is a general use enclosure used in fans, pumps, belt drivers as well as compressors.

Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated

This kind of enclosure doesn’t have a fan but still ensures the cooling by dissipating heat through the mounting surface as well as the frame. It has a significantly low-temperature rise, but you should only opt for these kinds of enclosures in damp or dirty areas. It would help if you didn’t use non-ventilated enclosures in moist or explosive surroundings.

Totally Enclosed Air-Over

This kind of enclosure doesn’t have a fan inside it but instead uses air from an external source. An external fan is mounted on the outside, which blows air to cool the motor properly.

Explosion-proof enclosures

This kind of motor protects from an explosion from gases or vapors inside the motor. Hazardous environments include oil industries, chemical plants, and the plastic industry. The explosion-proof motors are totally enclosed and prevent sparks and explosion outside the motor.