The Need for Class 1 Division 2 Enclosures

Electrical fires are hard to deal with. It can result in fatalities and irreversible damage to commercial and private buildings. Furthermore, in case a building has electrical equipment in hazardous locations, chances are high that a spark or an arc can set off an inferno in a matter of minutes. To keep all of this at bay, electrical equipment such as switches, breakers and control boxes need to be placed inside a class 1 div 2 enclosure.

Electrical fires can start in a commercial location from a simple arc or a spark especially when faulty switches, control boxes or breakers are placed in an area where the ambient air is packed with combustible gases or particulate matter.

A research laboratory, a manufacturing unit, a warehouse or a mine often has ambient air that is either packed with combustible particulate matter or is saturated with highly inflammable gases that can be set off with a simple spark from a faulty switch.

Now, it is evident that commercial property owners and business persons prefer steering clear from workplace accidents.


Well, incidents can not only tarnish the image of a brand but can also land the company on the wrong side of the law. Furthermore, the brand will also lose a lot of money in the forms of lost business transactions and medical bills for the injured or deceased.

The above is reason enough for businesses around the globe to tread the extra mile when it comes to mitigating workplace incidents by using –

  • Air filtration systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fire suppression systems and whatnot.

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, businesses also invest in class 1 div 2 enclosure can perform the following roles –

  • These enclosures or rather industrial control panel variations can keep flammable gases or vapors that may or may not be present in the air surrounding the enclosure away from electrical components it is housing inside it. In this way, in case the electrical components within the enclosure start producing an arc or spark due to a fault, it wouldn’t lead to an explosion or an accidental fire in the industrial complex.
  • These enclosures are manufactured in a manner to remain intact and allow the equipment mounted inside it from sustaining damage in case of a fire, or explosion. This is essential as unaffected electrical components are crucial in times of a fire or explosion to keep matters from escalating.

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