Four Aspects of a Good Industrial Control Panel

ICP is a short-form of the Industrial Control Panel. It is used to assemble two or more control circuit and power circuit components and a combination of both. ICPs are typical assemblies of equipment, like motor controllers, switches, auxiliary devices, relays, and other control devices. According to the National Electric Code (NEC), ICPs work under 600 voltage.

ICPs are also referred to as Electrical Control Panels. Well-structured and accurately designed control panels help organizations to empower the production process and to automate several tasks. If the control panel is ill-designed, organizations need to frequently repair it and face unnecessary disruptions and downtime in the production process.

While selecting Industrial Control Panel, you must ensure that they are well-designed and neat. Any control panel is referred to as well-designed and uncluttered if it has the following four characteristics:

1. Layout

The main power switch of the control panel must be located in the top-right corner. It implies that components that have high-voltage ratings are placed at the control panel’s top. The power from the high-rating components will get distributed to low-rating components. Below these components, PCL and I/O terminals are placed.

2. Labelling

Every component present in the industrial control panel should be labelled with proper conventions. Conventions are used to save space. For wiring, labelling should be done at the wire’s end. In the case of the PLC I/O wiring case, labelling should be done according to the PLC address’s syntax. For power distribution wiring, labelling should be done according to the terminal number.

3. Panel Sizing

There is the primary limiting factor for all electrical control panels called space. Each component in the control panel has its separate heat-emission capacity. Therefore, every component should be placed inside the panel depending on its heat-transmission property.

4. Wire-way Design

The uncluttered and well-designed control panel has a wire-way with sufficient amount and exact type. The primary objective of the wire-way is to make the termination process easy and straightforward.

If electrical control panels have all the above characteristics mentioned, they are well-designed and good control panels. ICPs are used in motor control centres, packaged pumping systems, access control systems, HVAC systems, and factory automation equipment.

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