Know When To Replace Or Repair Your Electric Panel

Electrical control panels are as useful and important in residences as they are in industries. In industries, the panels can control the major production systems and equipment including cranes, conveyors, and refrigeration units and also the environmental systems including lighting, pumps, and HVAC among others. The electrical panels have the circuit breakers, which prevent overloading in residential areas as well.

There may be several problems that might affect the functioning and state of your electrical control panel. In some cases, the problem can be solved through repair and in others a replacement is necessary.

Worn-off Service Cables

While you are not responsible for the mains wiring, other cables lying in between the amount and your panel need to be cared for by you. Some problems that may require a repair include loose cables, damaged or worn of insulation, nonexistent or damaged anchors and clamps, and others.

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Improper Wiring

Careless and faulty installation of the panel, circuits, and/or wiring may require a repair. Common problems here include two circuits that are doubled up on one single pole, oversized breakers, criss-cross wires at the center of the panel and others. A fix here is easy and can be done by experts.


All electrical panels have a maximum power rating and a specific amount of space to house the breakers and other components. A replacement may be required when you are upgrading and acquiring some more electrical appliances or systems in your home.

Excessive Moisture

A panel that has been damaged by water needs to be replaced. Call an expert if water leak reaches to your panel or even near to it. Remember that some panels may carry a manufacturing fault as well. All the new constructions, however, come with the optimal 200 amp panel. The older fuse box panel should be replaced whenever required.

When the functioning and state of an electrical panel deteriorates, there are warning shots like blackouts, power surges, and roof leaks among others. A proper investigation and inspection by the trained and expert technicians will reveal the gravity of the problem and will help you decide whether you need to repair or replace the electric panel. Preserve the quality and reliability of your panels by procuring them from a reliable control panel manufacturer.

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