Tips to Enhance the Functioning of Industrial Control Panel

To ensure that any equipment keeps going, it is important to keep its components in their best shape. The industrial control panels make sure that the entire system works to its optimum.

Listed below are the ways to ensure efficient functioning of the industrial control panel:

Maintaining temperature

Just the way it is important to keep any machine cool, it is also important to keep the industrial control panel cool. Failing to do so can lead to failure of the electrical components of the system.

A cooling system of appropriate size ensures that the control panel is neither too hot nor too cool and functions as per the needs and in accordance with the environmental requirements.

Generally, three systems are used in the industries to manage the temperature of the control panels. They are:

  • Fan cooled cabinets
  • A/C cooled cabinets
  • Air to water heat exchangers

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a sure-shot way of ensuring that the system keeps working to its full potential without any breakdown preventing downtime.

Regular maintenance of industrial control panels, large or small, is important. A thorough inspection of the industrial control panel for brittle wires, loose connections, and worn components can help in detecting problems in their early stages and hence, provide an opportunity to repair them before they cause system breakdown.

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Cleaning the System

After preventive maintenance, it is important to thoroughly clean all the components of the industrial control panel. The areas which couldn’t be reached should be cleaned using compressed air. Unused parts and debris should be removed. Loose parts should be fixed. Panels should not be used for storage of components. A centralized storage space should be created to store extra components and machines.

Checking Labeling and Documentation

After preventive maintenance and cleaning, labels should be checked throughout the system. Damaged labels should be replaced with new ones to ensure the safety of the panel.

Furthermore, all the details about repairs, changes, etc. should be documented to trim the frequency and duration of the repair.

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Maintaining an industrial control panel is not rocket science. All the above-listed tips prove to be very beneficial in ensuring the efficient functioning of the industrial control panel.