Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems: When Are They Required?

When to Use Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems 

A post-fire purge system is a ventilation system that removes smoke from indoors after the fire has been extinguished. It doesn’t control fire but quickly gets rid of the smoke- many people do not realise that the smoke is as dangerous as the fire. The carbon monoxide found in smoke can lead to death if it’s not cleared immediately. Moreover, intense smoke can obstruct vision and cause breathing issues. 

The post-fire smoke purge system is used in residential buildings and other structures where it is not naturally possible to disperse the smoke effectively from a fire accident. You can get the system installed by the same company that supplies the purged panels for electric boards and the fire alarm system. 

Where to Use Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems

  • Buildings that are away from natural ventilation systems
  • High-rise buildings
  • Multi-residency buildings and apartments
  • Buildings with a stock of combustible materials

The exhaust of the post-fire smoke purge systems should be outside the building. The smoke is released into a safe area where it doesn’t harm anyone else. The air released by the systems should not be re-circulated through the building. 

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Types of Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems 

  • Staircase Ventilation

Stair ventilation is where the systems are deployed at each staircase level in the building. No floor should be excluded from the system. A powerful reversible fan is installed at every staircase level to suck the smoke from the building and release it outside. It is advisable to install the control to the fans in the central fire alarm Purged Panel. And if the building should have an exclusive fire command center, the controls to the fans should be installed in the command center. 

  • Corridor Ventilation

Corridor ventilation requires ducts and fans similar to the stair ventilation system. The difference lies in where the fans are installed. A building can have either system or both working independently of each other. 

Solutions Control Systems builds and supplies customized purged panels, control panels for fire alarms, and post-fire smoke purge panels for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes in Canada.