The Benefits and Features Of Purged Panels

Electrical equipment can be used and safely placed in the electrical enclosure, even in hazardous locations, through purge and pressurization. The purge electrical control panels, or the pressurized enclosures, are built to maintain the right pressure within their interiors, which ultimately does not allow the outside gases to penetrate the insides of the enclosure and panel.

Therefore, even when the industrial panel has flammable gases, corrosive gases, or conductive dust (flammable particles), these undesired elements fail to enter the enclosure. Since hazardous and flammable substances can catch fire easily, preventing their entry is a secure way to reduce the chances of accidents. The life of electrical components and equipment placed inside the panel is also increased.

Reducing The Threat Of Fire Hazard

Fire can be stopped or prevented by removing any of the three elements given below.

  1. Oxygen
  2. Source of ignition
  3. Fuel source

The purged panels can cut off the exposure of components to atmospheric oxygen by providing a jacket or cover of neutral gas. The air of instrument quality is used for pressurizing the enclosure, which will also flush out all kinds of contaminants. The air pressure inside the panel is more than the air pressure outside, which prevents entry of outside air into the panel. Hence, oxygen cannot reach inside. Also, whenever there is a fall in pressure below a specific limit, an alarm sounds, and the power supply is automatically cut off, as a corrective measure.

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Purged Panels Versus Explosion Proof Panels

While the explosion-proof panels can also be used in hazardous areas, the purged panels do provide some more significant benefits. Purged panels can also be used for larger sized applications. While the explosion-proof panels can only contain the explosion, purge panels may entirely prevent fire accidents from occurring.

The leading panel manufacturers can offer you purge panels that can be built for a given operating environment specifically. These panels are not restricted by size and may also have the corrosion-resistant features. Further, the panels also bear the UL or NEMA rating, which makes them even more reliable and credible.

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