What Is A Post-Fire Smoke Purge System And Why You Should Install It In The Premises?

A fire accident in a building not only leads to burning but also releases smoke and gases like carbon monoxide. Even if the fire system manages to control the fire, the smoke and gases need to be tackled before they make people unconscious and cause deaths due to suffocation.

A post-fire smoke purge system is a control unit that helps in extracting smoke from the building as soon as possible. It is activated to clear the remains of smoke and carbon monoxide and replace them with fresh air. Special purged panels are built to control the post-fire smoke clearing devices like exhaust fans.

While the post-fire system is not a life safety system like the fire sprinklers, it is still mandatory for high-rise residential buildings, commercial and industrial establishments. There are two ways to set up post-fire smoke systems. One is the stair ventilation where the staircase ducts are used to get rid of the smoke from the premises. Another is the corridor ventilation where reversible fans are placed in the corridors to suck the smoke and release them into the outside environment.

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It is enough to install either type of post-smoke purge system in the building. Using both is not necessary. Nevertheless, the systems are controlled using central purge panels installed in a safe location. The control panel should be easily reached to turn on the fans and get out of the hot and cold smoke as soon as possible.

The control panels are custom designed to suit the requirements of the building. For example, a building with more floors will require more reversible fans and ducts to clear the smoke from each level. The control panel should have access to turn on and turn off all the fans in a couple of minutes.

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