All About Control Panel And Its Popular Types

Electrical panels are the heart of electrical supply to a facility and act as load control centers. They are used for controlling actions, including power transmission, power distribution, and the protection of power systems. They are hence power sources in a way and include the controls and the operator devices. Below are some essential types and variations on electrical control panels.

  • PLC Panels

The new and advanced panels may include the CPUs and are programmable logic controllers having components, including timers and relays. The panels send the digital signals to the motor control center panels, variable frequency drive panels, or other panels that make part of the system. As of now, there is also an option of a single PLC panel that can integrate functions of MCC and other panels. Hence the need for multiple panels is reduced.

  • Control Relays

The control relays include coils that are energized/de-energized through electrical voltage. As the state of coil changes, the state of logic will also change. The timing relay is a standard relay found in the control panels.

  • Motor Control Panels

A motor control panel consists of a motor control unit and power-bus and has motor feeders, blowers, and other components. These panels may include the components programmable controllers, and the entrance for electrical service.

  • Variable Frequency Drive Panel

VFDs can be protected by using the VFD panels, and the motor drives can resist humidity, dust, and heat better by the use of the panels. Components like harmonic filters and line reactors can help in reducing harmonic distortion.

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  • Automatic Power Transfer Panel

The panels and transfer switches are commonly used in areas where electricity supply is not reliable. The panels can swiftly switch to the emergency supply source when a power failure occurs.

The panels may also be customized, and the leading manufacturers have for the manufacturing and other industries and businesses electrical control panels with accurate ratings like the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer) rating. The panels can be weatherproof, dustproof, and can be efficient and safe enough to work and provide protection in hazardous environments as well. Hence to choose the best panel for a given industrial process and scenario, it is essential to seek the services of an expert, reputed, and certified digital control panel manufacturer.