How To Clean Metal-Clad Switchgear?

Metal-enclosed switchgear is prevalent industrial equipment and plays a crucial role in the distribution of power. Like any other industrial equipment, it requires maintenance and cleaning from time to time. When left uncleaned for too long, switchgear may malfunction or lose efficiency. However, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions and clean the switchgear in the right method as these pieces of equipment handle large volumes of energy. A mistake during the cleaning process could lead to a major accident.

Cleaning and maintaining switchgear: What does it involve?

The process of cleaning and maintaining metal-clad switchgear should ideally take place in the following steps:

1. Inspection

At first, a professional should carefully scrutinize the components of the switchgear. The inspection phase involves using all the available equipment that can help test the system’s performance and diagnose issues. However, it does not require dismantling the component from the assembly.

2. Servicing

This is the phase where the cleaning takes place. Once the inspection is complete, the team would clean and lubricate it to keep the metal-enclosed switchgear in an acceptable condition. They may also make adjustments as per the O&M instructions. Like inspection, servicing does not involve dismantling the components either.

3. Examination

This phase is similar to inspection and involves testing the condition of the equipment. However, it involves a partial dismantling of the metal clad switchgear, along with different non-destructive tests. It helps to get a clear idea of the condition of a specific component.

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What happens if switchgear isn’t in acceptable conditions despite servicing?

If cleaning the components does not bring the equipment to an acceptable condition, replacing components may be necessary. A thorough examination would help to pinpoint the faulty components. The team may then replace these components of even the entire system as needed.

Safety measures to consider:

It is crucial to take certain safety measures to protect the personnel as well as the equipment itself. These include:

  • Undergoing adequate training
  • Receiving permits and authorization
  • Wearing protective equipment
  • Keeping the system disconnected from the power supply
  • Upholding safe electrical work practices

Leading companies like Solution Controls CA offer metal-enclosed switchgear that is easier and safer to clean. In addition, cleaning the switchgear at regular intervals helps to extend its lifespan.